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GBS Sweatpants

We just love sweatpants you can twerk in

Battling the Climate Crisis

ways to make a difference
Ethical Activist Apparel

Challenging Food Deserts

Local Community Gardens in Miami

 We believe apparel can be a form of activism. When you shop with Green Box Shop, you are advocating for socio-political change while also supporting:

Sweatshop Free Work Space | Eco-Friendly Production |  Vegan & Cruelty Free Products

Australia Bushfires
$128 raised for Aboriginal Bush Fire Relief
Checkout the results for our latest activist campaign!
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Indigenous Apparel
Messages dedicated to the indigenous communities and their civil liberties!
LGBTQ+ APParel 365 days a year
Queer all year
Are you gay only one month out of the year? Neither are we.
Check out our LGBTQ+ collection and celebrate your pride all year long


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