About Us

**DO NOT MESSAGE TEAM MEMBERS ON PERSONAL ACCOUNTS ABOUT ORDER INQUIRIES!!! that's what our company instagram, twitter and email are for!! Pls be respectful of our personal realms thx love yall xoxo -annie** 



CEO & Social Media - Kayla :) 

I started this business in April of 2016 out of an old 800 square foot apartment (living with my mom). When I couldn't find any social justice tee shirts online for myself, that really would grab someone's attention, I decided to make my own and sell them to raise money to get my yoga teacher certification (Now the ultimate vision is urban farming). I am an 18 year old Afro-Latina bisexual woman who is doing her best to be the change she wants to see in our world. I am my ancestor's most vivid dreams.  drink water pls & grow some bee friendly plants if you can :)

IG: @kaylaa.robinson


Customer Service Management - Annie 

Lil foxy thing living in St. Petersburg, FL right now and managing customer service. Loves Mother Nature more than anything n is completely dedicated to saving her. She a bad bitch. 

IG: @anniexperkins



Amazing at Everything/ Supervisor - April

This is our pup April. She is 2 years old and was rescued. She has anxiety but is really nice and loving when she gets to know you. Even though she is scared of almost everything, she is very attentive and will protect her friends. Our best employee. 


Customer Service - Medium Rose

This is Medium Rose, our warehouse neighbors found her on a highway and gave her to us to take care of. She likes to hide under couches and walk across/ sit on keyboards while people are utilizing them. 

Emotional Support - Chubert (a.k.a Chui) 

This is Chui, he likes hugs 



Social Media Manager & Designer - Destin Conrad 

apologetically da baddest minor bitch. 


Customer Service & Photography - Erica 

This is Erica. Plays too much overwatch & watches too much anime n' has 3 cats

IG: @ghost9irl

Production Team & Serving Looks - Raihanna 



Customer Service - Andrew Espath


Customer Service - Amanda 

One time Amanda explained to me all the history behind Passover & it was very insightful 



Modeling & Pretty Much Everything Else - Gabriel


Production Team - CJ

@_seajays on IG


In the shadows - Nena

I'm surprised we even have a picture of her

Production Team & Modeling - Jackie


Pretty Much Everything - Spencer

Manager - Jesus

The road is limitless....

Manager/Customer Service - Marco

Production Team - Yashar Garcia 

Customer Service:

-Ale Xavier 

-Esmeralda Beato

-Felicia Oates

-Karla Robinson

-Natalie Daley 


Pretty Much Everything:

-Desmond & Asante Benjamin (mainly managers tho)

-Linay Etienne

-Kane Robinson

-Nicole Rodriguez 




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