About Us



We are an activist apparel brand dedicated to providing ethical clothing with bold, progressive messages! We are a small but mighty company comprised of a team of young, black activists who are passionate about social change. 

Intersectionality is a pillar in our brand identity. Here at GBS, we are passionate about providing messages that represent a broad demographic to ensure you find a message relevant to your lived experience. Our catalogs include messages on LGBTQ, Race and Culture, Disability, Feminism, Environmentalism and Politics. We believe that everyone’s voice should be unapologetically heard, and no form of inequality should be overlooked or minimized 

We pride ourselves in providing a sweatshop free product line with WRAP certified materials to ensure that the nature of our products reflect the powerful messages they hold. When you shop with GBS, you advocate for social justice while supporting cruelty free, eco-friendly products.    


Social Justice is the backbone of Green Box Shop. Using our proceeds & platform to provide resources for social change remains our greatest overarching mission. Through the use of thought-provoking messages, it is our goal to create a tribe of activists who are willing to fight for social change by engaging in proactive forms of activism 

By shopping with us, our amazing customers have provided the funding and awareness necessary for us to work with some awesome organizations including the Hawaii Community Bail Fund, Amazon Watch, Save The Kids, and the Fire relief Fund for First Nation Communities. 

Through your support, we are able to consistently take part in Beach Clean ups, Community Gardens, ICE Protests and many other crucial events that can help shape our future 


 Green Box Shop was conceived in April 2016, out of an old 800 square foot apartment. When our founder, Kayla Robinson, couldn't find any bold social justice tees she decided to make them herself. Since then, our mission has grown to be much greater. With the vision and values from our founder and the hard work and dedication from our team, Green Box Shop is now a growing and evolving body, spreading awareness one T-shirt at a time.


Kayla Robinson
Founder & CEO

Reppin 4 the young, brown, queer girls :)
IG: @kaylaa.robinson


Leah santos (Chee)

CFO & co-owner

Here to promote socially conscious activist work and provide resources for the community.
Vianny Guillen (Auntie)
Production Manager
Somebody Auntie for those who believe in equality , love , art , gangster sht !
IG: @auntiebyguillen
Roddy Julien
Media & Photography
Just out here... tryna survive.
Jessica Santos
Customer Service